Salvatore Cuomo facade

Salvatore Cuomo: An Italian Affair Lunch Deal

Salvatore Cuomo, an Italian-Japanese chef opened his namesake restaurant in Uptown Paradise, BGC just last June 2016. He is famous for using the highest quality of ingredients and the most traditional of techniques to honor his homeland.

Salvatore Cuomo facade

The restaurant has a fully-open kitchen that one can marvel on the skills of the chefs; and a spacious and comfortable dining room where one can relax and lounge. Truly, one can experience the best of Italy here.

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We were invited to taste their lunch menu, a selection of their best-sellers, made smaller and more affordable, catering to the busy white collar workers on their lunch breaks. While we were waiting for other guests to arrive, we feasted on complimentary focaccia and crispy sourdough breads, hot and fresh from the oven.

Foccaccia, Sourdough
Complementary focaccia and sourdough breads

The event started with Tagliere di Affettati (Php550), a selection of traditional Italian cold cuts, which included fine slices of Salami, Prosciutto, Coppa, and Mortadella. They tasted as fresh as the ones I had in Italy.

Tagliere di Affettati (Php550) – a mix of Salami, Prosciutto, Coppa, and Mortadella

We also relished on Mozzarella di Bufala Caprese (Php750), fresh buffalo mozzarella pieces and cherry tomatoes. The silky cheese is so soft and the tomatoes are sweet and refreshing. It is a wonderful dish to start any meal.

Mozzarella di Bufala Caprese (Php750)

The pizzas here are classics. They were made in the most authentic Napoli-style. The dough was not crispy but chewy, and the center was soft. The proper way to eat this kind of pizza is to fold it in half. Here at Salvatore Cuomo, pizzas were cooked in a brick oven, made in Italy and from the volcanic rocks of Mt. Vesuvius. The thin-crusted dough highlighted the quality of the toppings, mostly imported from Japan and Italy. Buffalo Mozzarella and Japanese cherry tomatoes were used as base toppings for their pizzas.

We first sampled on Margherita (Php580), a flavor that symbolizes the colors of the Italian flag. It was made with marinara sauce, basil, and mozzarella. The simplicity of this pizza allowed each ingredient to shine.

Margherita (Php580)

We also tried Quattro Formaggi (Php620), the four-cheese pizza. Eating it with a drizzle of honey provides a unique yet true Neapolitan experience.

Quattro Formaggi (Php620)

For a meatier option, we feasted on slices of Porcini e Porchetta (Php590). The succulent chunks of Italian pork roasted to perfection, partnered with the earthy taste and silky texture of the porcini mushrooms provides a rich and balanced flavor. The freshness of basil leaves truly brought out the best in this dish that I am sure any pizza-lover will enjoy.

Porcini e Porchetta (Php590)

It probably won’t be an Italian restaurant if they did not serve any pasta dishes. Here at Salvatore Cuomo, you are guaranteed to get pastas that as authentic as their pizzas. Their pastas are made fresh everyday and use the highest quality of ingredients to bring out the best of each sauce. The Tagliatelle al Crema con Gamberi e Spinaci (Php390) is my top choice on the menu. The wide and flat noodles are covered in lemon cream sauce then topped with shrimps and spinach. It tasted refreshing and healthy and is best for people who just wanted a light snack, without being bloated.

Tagliatelle al Crema con Gamberi e Spinaci (Php390)

Pizzas and pastas are what Italy is known for worldwide. Moreover, the country is strategically situated in the south of Europe and is blessed with mountainous terrains and vast coastlines, which are great sources for meat and fish. The restaurant, bringing the best of what Italy has to offer, also serves great meat dishes.

We tried several dishes and my personal favorite is the Agnello al Griglia or Charcoal-Grilled Lamb Chops (Php950). I loved it because of its melt-in-your-mouth tenderness and smoky flavor. The charcoal used to grill their meats was from Laos – a country known for making fine, export-quality charcoals. This dish is truly worth coming back for.

Agnello al Griglia or Charcoal-Grilled Lamb Chops (Php950)

Other must-try dishes include Filetto di Salmone Gratinato al Vincotto or Pan-Seared Salmon with Vincotto Sauce (Php750), Cotoletta di Vitello alla Milanese or Veal Cutlet Milanese-Style (Php480), and Tagliata di Manzo or US Angus Ribeye with Balsamic Reduction (Php980).

A feast is not a feast without desserts, and Italian desserts are worth saving room for. Try their Tiramisu with Pistachio Gelato (Php380): made with real coffee and Mascarpone from Italy, this soft and moist cake has real Italian flavors that won’t disappoint. The cool chiffon just slides down your throat that would just give you a sigh of satisfaction. It comes with a cup of pistachio gelato which adds a little creaminess and sweetness to it.

Tiramisu with Pistachio Gelato (Php380)

Do also try their Amaretto Panna Cotta with Fresh Mango Sauce (P320). The cooked cream tastes like Chinese-style almond jelly, only softer. The mango chunks and sauce added some pops of colour to the plain-looking dessert and gave it a flavor-boost.

Panna Cotta
Amaretto Panna Cotta with Fresh Mango Sauce (P320)

The Torta Caprese or Chocolate Walnut Cake (Php380) was a moist walnut chiffon in a fudgy ganache that is rich yet truly satisfying. It was so addicting that a slice will never be enough.

Torta Caprese or Chocolate Walnut Cake (Php380)

Food brings people and families together and so is the case in Italy. If you’ve already visited Italy, you will know that they treat guests like family, which makes eating extra special. Dining at Salvatore Cuomo also feels like that. The servers are friendly and eager to make your stay worthwhile. The food is made with love and they use the best of ingredients that you can truly taste. I highly recommend you to try their lunch menu (available from 11am-5pm, Mondays through Fridays), as everything is their best-seller, I highly doubt that you would leave disappointed.

Sangria, red wine

Salvatore Cuomo is a restaurant and wine bar. They offer the best Italian wines and serves the perfect mix of cocktails, including their famous Sangria, which they often have an unli-promo. It is a great place to unwind after a long day, or just to relax and spend quality time with the people you love. It is located on the ground floor of Uptown Parade, 9th Avenue corner 38th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.

Salvatore Cuomo & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. The author did not pay for any of the dishes mentioned in this article. However, we still provided you with our honest opinion.


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